Half Baked



Okay, I admit it.  I love food.  I love to try new flavors, new ingredients, new restaurants.  But I also love to cook.  Its my passion and what I think about probably 90% of the time.  I have been fortunate enough to spend most of my working career in jobs that I did from a home office, so I have been able to put homemade meals and baking on the table most nights.  However, I have had periods where I have worked full time in the "real" world.  When that happened, our lives became a series of take out meals and ready to heat items from the supermarket.  Homemade meals were relegated to the weekend.....maybe.....if we weren't too busy with yard work, housework, renovating something etc.  It wasn't good for us, but what other choice was there?  I wasn't organized enough to batch cook or fill my freezer with meals for during the week.  I was tired.  And I was hungry.  And I ate what was easy!  I longed for a better way.


This idea of providing homemade meals and baking for busy people evolved slowly but steadily.  When I found myself at a turning point once again as to a career, I thought, "What do I love to do? And how can I make a living doing it?"  The first step came soon after.  I have elderly relatives who needed assistance with meals and, frankly, the options for them were pretty abysmal.  I started out doing meals for them 4 - 5 nights a week.  I started hearing comments from their home care nurses and aides like "I could use this for my family" and the idea grew.


The meals we deliver arrive "half baked" - ready to be finished in your oven.  We offer a couple of different options.  A la carte items are available for those wanting something occaisionally or if you just need some help with an entree.  Meal subscriptions are available for those wanting a regular number of complete meals each week. Most of the subscription customers receive meals that are fully cooked and simply need to be microwaved.  Dietary needs and special requests can be worked with.  If you don't see something on the menu that you would like, just ask.  We are always willing to try something new.  All items are made from scratch with real, honest to goodness ingredients.  Nothing unpronounceable.  No MSG.  It is food I feel good about serving my family, and you can too!




Added Services

Are you wanting to have a dinner party for a group of friends, but are overwhelmed at the work?  Or perhaps you just don't want to miss out on the visiting and the fun and get stuck in the kitchen.  We can help with that!  Options include entrees, sides, salads, desserts delivered to you ready to heat/serve, all the way to the meal being prepared for you, by us, in your kitchen.  Want to use your own dishes for your dinner party?  Just drop the pans off and we can make your items in them and no one will ever know you didn't make them yourself!  Contact us for ideas and pricing.

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